How it works

A GivtCard is a Charity Gift Card you give to a friend, a co-worker, a son or daughter, to your spouse or maybe a stranger. You can use it to celebrate an important life event, to surprise or simply for the act of giving.

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Customize the card

Get started by customizing the GivtCard with the greeting, the message and the value of the gift card.

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Send it to friends or family

Allow them to give on your behalf. They will get the GivtCard in their inbox and can direct the donation to a charity of choice.

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They choose the charity

Your recipient is empowered to choose from hundreds of charities and thousands of ethical projects to support with your charity Gift Card. Every month the GoodCoin Foundation directs the amount to the chosen charities of GivtCards recipients.

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Help us grow GivtCards

Share it on all your social media, invite your friends to try it. The more people use the product, the more impact we have, the more giving is happening and the more we can develop GivtCards.